Oxfordshire IVC



Who Joins Oxfordshire IVC?

Friendly professional or like-minded people who would perhaps like to enlarge their circle of friends, expand the options open to them for social activities, or try a new activity. It is not a singles club and couples are welcome to join. 

Is it difficult for new members to get involved?
No, new members are welcome to attend any event.You will be looked after and introduced to other members. Sunday walks are a easy way to join in without too much commitment initially. 

How many members do you have?
Oxfordshire I.V.C consistently has between 120 and 130 members.

How does it work?
At the end of every month you are sent a bulletin with a day by day guide of events. Most of our events are arranged by the members of the club and you are invited to attend as many events as you wish. Most of our events are FREE. Charges are only made when entrance fees, tickets or accommodation etc. is required.

How do I book for events?
Many events require no pre-booking and are arranged on a 'just turn up' basis. So if you do happen to find yourself at a loose end and feel like going out just choose an event from your bulletin and turn up! However, we do generally advise calling the host for the event beforehand so they know to look out for you.

How do I join Oxfordshire I.V.C?
Please refer to home page 

When can I start going to events?
You can start to attend Oxfordshire I.V.C events as soon as you have joined as a temporary member and received your first bulletin.

What sort of events does Oxfordshire I.V.C offer?
There is an abundance of activities and social events to choose from and we offer everything to suit all tastes. Tennis and badminton, walks and weekends away, theatre and cinema visits, bridge and backgammon, ceilidhs and discos, meals, regular pub nights & social evenings, trips out and all manner of other activities depending on the time of year.

Who runs the club?
Collectively the members do! We have a committee team but by far the biggest contribution comes from our members. Many members give their time freely but nobody is pressurised into doing anything they don't what to. Who knows, you could be hosting events of your own in the very near future!

How much does it cost?
Temporary membership costs just £5.00 for three months, or £7.50 for a couple living at the same address. 

Full membership is £30.00 per annum or £45.00 for a couple living at the same address.

What do I get for my money?
Our membership package currently includes…

  • Monthly Bulletin packed full of events
  • Ability to stage events of your own
  • Backing of a nationwide organisation  
  • Discounted entrance fees 
  • Discounts from leading travel and equipment suppliers

Where does the money go?
Offering fantastic value for money, your membership fees will help pay for: 

  • Printing and postage
  • Advertising in local papers and magazines
  • Administration expenses
  • Subsidies for club events

We are a member of the wider IVC associations of Great Britain through our membership of the AIVC at