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The idea of I.V.C. (then the InterVarsity Club) was conceived in May 1946 in the Scotch House Tea Rooms in Cambridge. Two undergraduates from St.John's College, were having tea there and were talking about running informal dances in Cambridge for the International Students' Service. They were both regretting that there would be no dances of this type during the long vacation. Then the idea came. They both lived in London where there must be many students on vacation wanting to continue the sort of social life they enjoyed during term time. The undergraduates could run the dances; a lot of people ought to get fun out of them; and with any luck, they might even make a small profit! It has been helping people from all walks of life, not just undergraduates, improve their social life ever since. 

Oxfordshire IVC is serious about having fun - and we don't just want to keep it to ourselves!

If you've been asking yourself "How do I make the most of my free time and improve my social life?"; the answer is SIMPLE:

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