Oxfordshire IVC


Here is a selection of the events which members are looking forward to this winter:

  • In December, our Christmas events include a lunch, a dinner, a party, a carol service and a concert.
  • A guided walk most Sundays (and on Boxing Day).
  • A brunch and walk on New Year's Day.
  • Our big annual quiz in January.
  • An illustrated talk about India.
  • Holidays - e.g. walking in Madeira (22nd November to 2nd December), weekend in York (30th November to 3rd December).

These are just some of the events that Oxfordshire IVC is organising (or participating in) each month. Many months have a seasonal flavour.

If you want to be part of this vibrant social club, go back to the home page and fill in your details on the temporary membership form. Don't forget to send it off!


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