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Meet New Friends Enjoy Walks, Pubs Nights, Games Evenings, Meals

Arrange your own events or join in on all types of social topics 

(Contact David Golby 01635 579234 for further details)

We are Oxfordshire's premier social club run by members for the members; this enables us to keep the membership fees at one of the lowest in the county. Although originally called InterVarsity Club, we are now happy to be a mixture of people who have degrees, and people who don't. Come along and enjoy our friendly happy band.

We cater for a wide variety of tastes and interests, from theatre trips, parties and country walks, or whatever social event you think our members and yourself might enjoy, to holidays, great escapes, playing games or just a chat over coffee or drinks.

Whatever your particular interest, there will be something of interest for you - along with a warm welcome.



For only £5.00 (couple living at the same address £7.50) you will be sent a Bulletin every month for the next

3 months. Cheques should be made payable to "Oxfordshire IVC".


There are two options for starting this introductory membership. All are equally welcome to us. 


Option 1). Please click here to open a Combined Introductory Membership Form and a Oxfordshire IVC Private Policy Statement form. Print the form, fill in and sign, then send it (with payment) to the address shown on the form. To join our club you will have to agree and sign our Private Policy Statement, any questions or queries contact David Golby 01635 579234.


Option 2). You may wish to give the completed forms (with payment) to the organiser of an event which you have gone to.

Let's face it, what will £5.00 buy you these days? 

And...if you're interested in joining, please tell others about us : friends, neighbours, colleagues. etc.


New friends & new adventures! 

People coming for the first time tend to turn up on their own, so you have nothing to fear! We all came to IVC for the first time ourselves once, and we're quite used to making you feel welcome.





Content updated 31/03/2019